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District VI -  Eastern Panhandle

The Siegal-Hoffman Concerto Festival was held at the Falling Water Presbyterian Church in Hedgesville, WV on February 11, 2023. 32 students of Jenny Anderson and Gary Mullenax participated.


The EPMTA Spring recital was held on April 22, 2023 at the Falling Waters Presbyterian Church, located in Hedgesville, WV. 37 students of Jenny Anderson, Gary Mullenax, Donna Coyle and Melissa Rickman participated.

The Theory and Technic tests were rescheduled from March 11th to May 6th due to my father’s death. Testing was done at the Zion Lutheran Church in Williamsport, MD on May 6th, 2023. Students of Jenny Anderson took and successfully passed both tests (35 students theory test and 34 technic test). Gary Mullenax, David Loy and Donna Coyle assisted with the event.

The Spring Adjudications were held on May 13th at Falling Waters Presbyterian Church in Hedgesville, WV. 12 students of Gary Mullenax and Donna Coyle participated in the event.

Dr. Beth Caluda of Stevens City, Virginia served as Adjudicator. Dr. Caluda is retired from Shenandoah University after teaching 39 years. While there, she served as head of the Keyboard Division and is active in the Virginia Music Teachers Association and serves as Chair of the Shenandoah chapter of VMTA. 


Jenny Anderson, chair

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