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2022-2024 WVMTA Officers


Dr. Johan Botes, NCTM

President Elect

Dr. Yu-Hsuan Liao, NCTM

First Vice President

Miles Helmick

Second Vice President

Dr. Gerald Lee, NCTM


Rayme Pullen


Dr. Jacob Womack, NCTM

Immediate Past President

Dr. Henning Vauth, NCTM

WVMTA District Chairs

District I (Morgantown MTA): Dr. Hooi Yin Boey 

District II (Clarksburg MTA): Rayme Pullen

District III (Charleston MTA): Vicki Cavendish

District IV (Mid-Ohio Valley MTA): Barbara Heckert

District V (Huntington MTA): DeNeil Hartley & Kim Wiebe

District VI (Eastern Panhandle MTA): Jenny Anderson, NCTM

Additional WVMTA Officials

Arts Advocacy & Awareness: Susan Petzold-Carpenter, NCTM

Certification Chair: Dr. Jacob Womack, NCTM

Collegiate Chair: Dr. Hooi Yin Boey 

College Faculty Forum Chair: Dr. Yu-Hsuan Liao, NCTM

Composition Commissioning: Dr. Yu-Hsuan Liao, NCTM

Foundation Fund: Dr. Henning Vauth

Historian Dr. Gerald Lee

Independent Music Teachers Forum: Dr. Yu-Hsuan Liao, NCTM

Publicity Chair: Dr. Henning Vauth

State Mentoring: Carol Beall, NCTM

Website Manager: John Morrison

WVMTA News Editor: Dr. Johan Botes

More Information:

WVMTA Officer Job Descriptions

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