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Royal Conservatory Music Examinations

Morgantown will be offering national RCM-MDP Examinations this Fall 2022. Performance exams in Morgantown will be held on December 3 at the WVU Canady Creative Arts Center of West Virginia University. Written Theory Exams will be offered on December 9 and 10, again at the WVU Canady Creative Arts Center.  

The Royal Conservatory Music Examinations is a comprehensive program (theory, technique, ear training, sight reading, studies, repertoire) that assesses and certifies student progress (for most all instruments) according to national standards. Trained examiners are sent to sites to evaluate student presentations. National headquarters has now opened the registration process for Fall-Winter exams. The LAST date to register without a late fee will be October 12.  All registration is done online by students/parents here. There is very little that individual teachers are required to do except to continue the preparation that has hopefully already been in process anyway.


Teachers: there is no additional membership required, to any organizations, although you can register yourself through MDP (for free) to obtain a teacher- number and get access to results of students who register under you, and get access to numerous exclusive resources. You can access the online national exams site by googling  "Royal Conservatory Music Examinations", or go directly to the site: When students/parents register for the first time, they will need to create a log-in user-name/email & password. Remember this info for easy access for future exams. Each registrant will also need to have available: the teacher's permanent number (if applicable), or teacher phone number or teacher email address. Once registration is completed, each student then gets a permanent, forever, "student number". Either remind each student/parent to remember this number for easy access for future exams, or copy this number down in teacher files for future retrieval. The registration process itself is relatively easy - just a series of drop-down menu choices mostly. 

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