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2023 Conference Guest Artist 

Featured Artist— Concert/Masterclass

We will host the American pianist Andrew Staupe as our Featured Guest Artist. He will be performing an evening recital on Friday evening, November 3, and he’ll conduct a piano master class on Saturday morning, November 4. He has prepared an interesting program for the concert. "Pianist Andrew Staupe's solo repertoire extends from the 16th century to works written this decade, and whose recitals comprise both beloved and unfamiliar masterpieces alike! Furthermore, during the 19th century recitals and concerts featured even more variety than the standard piano recital given today. And it is in this spirit that Andrew's recital will be a unique and broad survey of beautiful works by both the titans of piano writing (Beethoven, Rachmaninoff), and others that deserve even more recognition for their art (Max Reger, John Bull, Jan Václav Voríšek, Heitor Villa-Lobos)! 


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