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District II - Clarksburg

On November 18, 2023 the District II Fall Festival took place at the Historic Waldomore in Clarksburg, WV. Students from the studios of Robert Ellis, John Morrison, and Rayme Pullen presented solos in various styles—standard classical, contemporary, broadway, jazz, and two original student compositions. 

Two students from Rayme Pullen’s studio entered the Mountain State composition competition. Lila Sowards won the elementary division with her multi-movement composition: “A Fairy Suite”. 

After the recital portion of the festival, Dr. James Miltenberger gave a brief presentation on the joy and importance of improvising at the piano. He also graced us with a rousing improvisation of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”. 

Our district is also very proud of long-standing WVMTA member, former District Chair, and 2023 Teacher of the Year: Robert Ellis. He has been active in the association for many years, and he is an exemplary member of WVMTA. This award is well-deserved. 

--District Chair, Rayme Pullen

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