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Congratulations to our 2023 WVMTA Teacher of the Year, Robert Ellis!



Bob has been teaching for at least 50 years, has had many successful piano students over the years. This year, he also received a 50-year celebration at St. Peter/Fairmont Catholic. We are all very grateful for Bob’s abundant involvement in music education in the State of West Virginia! 

Congratulations also to our 2022 Distinguished Leader of the Year,

Dr. Henning Vauth, NCTM! 


Henning Vauth, Professor of Piano at Marshall University, holds a D.M.A. from the Eastman School of Music, where he studied piano with Nelita True and took secondary harpsichord lessons with William Porter. Further piano teachers include Einar Steen-Nøkleberg (Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien, Hannover, Germany) and Nelson Delle Vigne-Fabbri (École Normale de Musique, Paris, France). A native German and regular guest artist and faculty member at music festivals in Colombia, Italy, Taiwan, Germany, and the U.S., he supports the arts at home as active member of WVMTA, the Music Teachers National Association, and as founding co-director of Marshall University’s Center for Wellness in the Arts (CWA), a collaboration between the Colleges of Health Professions and Arts and Media that provides health and wellness services to Marshall’s performing arts students.

WVMTA Teacher of the Year

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Our WVMTA Teacher of the Year is someone who demonstrates innovative teaching and creative musicianship, and has held membership in WVMTA for at least five years. 



2022: Dr. Gerald Lee

2021: Ian Jessee


2020: John Morrison

2019: Dr. Jacob Womack, NCTM

2018: Mary Wilson 

2017: Dr. Henning Vauth

2016: Dr. James Miltenberger

2015: No award given

2014: Carol Kreiwaldt

2013: Dr. Christine Kefferstan, NCTM

2012: Dr. Hooi Yin Boey

2011: Mary Ellen Morrison, NCTM

2010: Jan Jemison Smith, NCTM

2009: Harriet Tucker, NCTM

2008: Vicki Cavendish

2007: Elaine Tutt

2006: Dr. Scott Beard, NCTM

2005: Mila Markun, NCTM

2004: Olive meyer, NCTM

2003: Dr. Lya Cartwright

2002: No award given

2001: Bonnie Miltenberger

2000: Catherine Crotty, NCTM

1999: Ruth Carder, NCTM

1998: Dr. Leslie Petteys, NCTM

1997: Dr. Ray Martin, NCTM

1996: Mary Wilson

1995: Lena Lim, NCTM

1994: Linda Seime, NCTM

1993: Carol Beall, NCTM

1992: Dr. Christine Kefferstan, NCTM

1991: Peggy Johnston, NCTM

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Henning Vauth.jpg

WVMTA Member of the Year/Distinguished Leader of the Year

Our WVMTA Member of the Year/Distinguished Leader of the Year award is based on leadership and service of ten or more years. 

2022: John Morrison

2021: Dr. Jacob Womack, NCTM

2020: Vicki Cavendish

2019: Dr. Hooi Yin Boey

2018: No award given

2017: Dr. Gerald Lee, NCTM

2016: Laura Hamm, NTCM

2015: Mary Ellen Morrison, NCTM

2014: No award given

2013: Dr. Mary Lynn Bennett, NCTM

2012: Dr. Scott Beard, NCTM

2011: Janna Kisner, NCTM

2010: Gary Mullenax, NCTM

2009: Karen Taddie, NCTM

2008: Mary Wilson

2007: Carol Beall, NCTM

2006: Barbara Heckert

2005: No award given

2004: No award given

2003: Dr. James Miltenberger

2002: No award given

2001: No award given

2000: Olive meyer, NCTM

1999: Dr. Connie Strum, NCTM

1998: Jean Douglass, NCTM

1997: Marguerite Bostonia, NCTM

1996: Marija Sommer, NCTM

1995: Mila Markun, NCTM

1994: Jane Mangus, NCTM and Sandra Hastings, NCTM

1993: Judy Lambert, NCTM

1992: Dr. Bobby Loftis, NCTM

1991: Mary Shep Mann, NCTM

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